Stained Glass Windows

The Tiffany-style Morgan windows behnd the altar at St.David’s

Morgan Windows. The three Tiffany-style lancet windows behind the altar are from the old building on Church Street. Painstakingly restored by local stained glass artist Steve Weir, they commemorate the sacrifice of the Eucharist. The window on the left shows the wheat from which the Eucharistic bread is made, and the window on the right shows the grapes which are the source of the Eucharistic wine. The center panel shows the cross and crown of Jesus and the cup of salvation. The quotations are from Hymn #301, ‘Bread of the World in Mercy Broken.’

Alpha and Omega Window. The transom window above the front door incorporates an alpha and omega (Christ the beginning and Christ the end) and a cross from the old Morgan windows in a new design by Steve Weir.

Modern Windows. The new windows were created by Steve Weir in 1994 to harmonize with the original Morgan windows in color and design. The leek at the top of each window is the symbol of St. David of Wales, and the Celtic knot at the bottom represents our Celtic heritage. The windows are listed clockwise beginning at the left of the front door.

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