Sacred Icons

The resurrection of Jesus

St. David’s five original icons are painted according to the ancient tradition on gessoed boards with egg tempera and gilded with 24-carat gold. The four feast day icons are located in the altar area.

Virgin of Tenderness: The icon in the niche by the votive candle stand depicts the Virgin Mary holding the Christ child to her cheek. His tiny arms embrace her, and with her right hand she shows him forth to the world. The archangels Gabriel and Michael appear at the top, and the figures on the sides are prophets and kings.

The Nativity :The Star of Bethlehem shines down into the dark cave and the manger scene in the center. Angels sing Glory to God in the Highest and announce the birth to the shepherds on the right. Below the shepherds the three Magi bear their gifts. At the bottom the midwives bathe the baby Jesus, and St. Joseph is lost in wonderment at the mystery.

The Presentation of Our Lord in the Temple: In obedience to the law, Joseph and Mary take the Holy Child into the temple forty days after his birth. Joseph offers as a sacrifice two turtledoves. Mary relinquishes her child into the arms of Simeon, a devout and holy man who has been waiting to see the Messiah before he dies. The 84-year old widow, Anna, who has been praying and fasting in the temple day and night, receives the child with joy, praising God and telling everyone about the child.

The Raising of Lazarus: Our Lord, flanked by Peter and John the Beloved Disciple, calls the bound Lazarus forth from the tomb. Mary and Martha at his feet are begging Jesus to save their brother. Two men remove the stone from the entrance, and another unwinds the grave clothes, holding his handkerchief to his nose, for Lazarus has been dead for four days!

The Harrowing of Hell/Descent into Limbo: The resurrected Jesus goes down into the place of departed spirits to bring salvation to those who have not heard the Good News. He pulls Adam and Eve, representatives of all humanity, out of the darkness of their tombs into his glorious light. As the Old Testament kings and prophets look on, Christ tramples the gates of hell under his feet, and the locks and bars are shattered.

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