St. David of Wales banner

The banners in the nave were created for St. David’s from 1990 to 1993 by Trudy Engstrom of Rocky Mount. These are changed with the seasons of the church year and replaced during Lent by stations of the cross. These are some of the banners that you may see displayed:

  • St. David of Wales (Border of Leeks and Celtic Knotwork)
  • Eucharist (Pelican Feeding Young with Her Own Blood)
  • Eucharist (Wheat and Grapes)
  • Anglican Three-Legged Stool (Scripture, Tradition, Reason)
  • Baptism (Shell and Dove Descending)
  • Pentecost (Flame and Dove Descending)
  • Advent (Mary Overshadowed by the Holy Spirit)
  • Advent (Tree of Life with Symbols of Christ, John the Baptist, and the Blessed Virgin)
  • Unity of All God’s Children
Eucharist with wheat and grapes banner

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